Can the Mr Fox planter boxes be customised?
Yes, Just contact us at info@mrfoxinabox.com.au with your requirements and our design team will let you know if it can be done and get back to you with a quotation.

Do l need to drill a hole for drainage in my Mr Fox planter boxes? 
No, your Mr Fox planter box is design so water is draining down the bottom of both ends and through the gaps of the timber side.

How do I maintain my Mr Fox planter box?
Once a week with a damp cloth wipe down your planter box all over. Then once a month use an outdoor water base timber oil on a cloth wipe down all external timber component. 

Can l move my Mr Fox planter box when its filled with soil?
The Foxes Litter range can be moved but all other ranges it is not recommended to be move with soil in it.

Can l take apart my Mr Fox planter box?
Yes you can remove the ends from the Colorbond panels by undoing the butterfly nuts inside. Before doing so make sure your Mr Fox planter box is completely empty of soil and lay box down on its side. When undoing the butterfly nuts be careful to hold the Colorbond panel together so it doesn't spring apart when disassembling a pair of leather gloves should be used for this operation.